Max Pinfield page

My name is Max and I was very lucky to have been able to spend 2 weeks in New Mexico. Sadly, I was unable to attend the camp in Colorado but it was no matter since I enjoyed my time thoroughly. I was spoilt rotten by my host family every day, especially since after being off the plane for an hour I had already been served with a massive steak and fries. Going on the Lions exchange has certainly given me a new perspective, I got to meet real Americans with real opinions on the world and from that point it was very interesting as simply going to a country doesn’t mean you will experience its culture.

Despite not going to camp I still did some very cool things. Like:

1. Having a steak at the Elks club

2. Going off-roading in the hills

3. Visiting a Spanish Market

4. Going to go boating on the river

5. Seeing the new Ghostbusters movie at a drive-in

6. Visiting to the living desert

7. Going to the Carlsbad Caverns

8. Cycling to Walmart

9. See Jason Bourne and Suicide Squad at the cinema

10. Visiting to sitting bull falls

11. Going White water rafting

12. Visiting the Taos Pueblo

13. Going to Cliff’s amusement park

14. Going to a baseball game (and met Bod Odenkirk from Breaking bad and Better Call Saul)

I would like to thank the Lions greatly for everything they did for me. I had a wonderful experience in another country that I would never have had the opportunity to experience in that way. I am already planning to reapply!

Below are some of the many photos I took while away:

America 1

America 2

America 3

America 4

America 5