Thursday 9th November 2017

For One Night Only
The Ringwood and Fordingbridge Lions
are proud to host
The Ringwood Soirée is a perennially popular revue show which has its spiritual home with the RMDS. This long-established and much loved Ringwood institution usually runs for three weeks in the Autumn. A great evening of song, dance and comic sketches, the Soirée has, over the years, entertained a great many people and raised thousands of pounds for good causes.
Bookings can only be made via RMDS website here and follow links to "Tickets"  Be sure you book on "Thursday 9th November"

• The Barrington Theatre, Ferndown• 7.45 for 8.0 pm
• Bring a picnic • Drinks only from the bar, please •

Tickets £13.95 each